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Sayed Rahim Sayedi is an Afghan celebrity and distinguished teacher and a respected director of Afghanistan cinema. he was born in 1349 in pious family in spectacular Istalef district. Sayedi Graduated from Ghazi School with 12 Grade .And more over he completed his higher education with bachelor degree in electronic engineering his extreme enthusiasm towards cinema caused him to begin studies in cinema. Sayedi is able to speak fluently in Dari, Pashto, Urdu & English he gained many rewards in university time and made him and his family proud initially he begin his cinema career with Sharukh Film Org, with many experience and talented adolescents. and in short time received huge success meanwhile had performed as a skillful director and production manager had also worked as an assistance with many active youth. His works are as such.

1-     Production of Sereshk movies by Directing of Bahram Baryal for National TV.

2-     Direction of short movies named Mawad Amdadi for National TV.

3-     Producing of Jebran Napazeer movies directed by Bahram Baryal for National TV.

4-     Direction of short movie Tawalud e Doobara.

5-     Production and being as an advisor in (Harf E Nagoftani) short movie

6-     Producing and direction of two documentaries for many institutions

7-     Casting director of a huge movie named (Laleh e Seyah) by an American production and Afghan film administration directed by Sonya nassiry in 2009

8-     Production and advisor of Aab O Dana movie which was nominated in many festivals (1- deedar e Tajikistan 2- coolen Germany 3- Kabul festival) which was enormously seen by audience and that was directed by Masood Arefi.

9-     Director of Muhtakar movie in 1382

10-    Director on Akherin Jenayat movie in 1383

11-    Director of Khak movie in 1384

12-    Directior of Khana ya Ashyana movie for Forogh Noor organization

13-    Director of Qahraman…? movie in 1383

14-    Advisor of Bahija movie which is directed by Farid Azim.

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From 1384 he has been working in different parts with Ariana international television and has dominated his position as a senior director. Sayedi is one of most active members of Afghan cinema union which cooperated closely with Afghan actors. Sayedi had lots of Artistry tours to many European and Asian countries for boosting Afghan cinema As his presence gave a worm colour to Afghan cinema his favorite colours are black and purple Sayeedi is fan of reading and sporting His burning ambition is seeing peaceful Afghanistan and more advanced Afghan cinema.



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